DireCtQuant in the press

DireCtQuant was featured in a special article of SEEBEM journal.
See the the full article here.

Why DireCtQuant?

Straightforward and Precise

  Precise measurement of RNA using DireCtQuant100ST   Introduction: The analysis of biological samples is usually performed by multistep procedures consisting of sample extraction, single or multistep purification and subsequent analysis. All this steps are associated with inevitable sample loss and introduction of technical bias. As the number of steps...

Speed up your research with DCQ

Just 3 min between your sample and the success of your qPCR, RT-qPCR and Western blot. DireCtQuant 100ST and DireCtQuant 100W are conceptually new DNA/RNA/protein solubilisation reagents. Those reagents provide instant and complete solubilisation of the cells in the sample and permit effective extraction of proteins, genomic, plasmid, plastid, mitochondrial...

One reagent, one sample – many applications!

From the same sample you can run PCR, RT-qPCR, Western Blot and measure DNA quantity. The main advantage of using DireCtQuant 100ST / DireCtQuant 100W is that DNA, RNA and proteins can be analysed from a single sample without the need of prior separation and purification. Those reagents provide instant...